Seagate launches a hard drive to recapture top spot

Unhappy with losing its market top-spot to rival Western Digital, Seagate has announced three new enterprise-scale hard drives in an effort to recapture its title
 Seagate aims to decrease data centres power usage

The global manufacturer of hard drive and storage solutions has recognised that an increasing number of businesses are turning to cloud and data centres to handle bulk-data storage, coupled with the persistent need for archiving and near-line storage.

Though the widespread flooding which affected much of Thailand caused disruption to the hard drive industry, the market has not only recovered, but is growing, with market researcher, iSuppli estimating that 524 million drives will ship during 2012.   

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To capitalise on this opportunity, Seagate has introduced power-efficient three hard drives:

Enterprise Value (Constellation CS)– offering up to 3TB of storage and expected to be used for moving unstructured bulk data off the cloud, Seagate claims the 3.5” drive uses almost 30 percent less power than competing alternatives.

Enterprise Capacity (Constellation ES.3)– the sixth-generation 3.5” drive is available in 1, 2, 3, or 4TB capacity and is designed predominantly for secure storage within data centres and uses nine percent less power when idle.

Enterprise Performance (Sawio 10K.6)– with a 900GB capacity and operating at 10,000RPM, the 2.5” drive delivers over 20 percent more performance than previous iterations, yet maintains the expected sustained data transfer rate, claims Seagate.

Seagate’s Vice-President, Scott Horn commented:

“Anyone building storage systems today, whether for cloud-specific applications or enterprise data centres, is looking to maximise capacity in the smallest possible physical footprint with the lowest operating costs, while ensuring long-term scalability.

“Our new line of Enterprise hard drives meets this challenge, providing the highest capacity to power ratios, while ensuring consistent performance and high reliability, making them ideal for use in any data centre environment.”

Both Constellation CS and Constellation ES.3 are available from now, with the Sawio 10K.6 scheduled for release summer 2013.

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