Rugged mobile solutions improve warehouse performance

The performance of distribution centres and manufacturing operations could be greatly improved thanks to a partnership between Ruckus Wireless Inc and Intermec Inc announced today
 Consistent, reliable wireless connectivity is crucial

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Warehouse and distribution centres (DCs) can be challenging environments for radio frequencies (RF) due to the proliferation of floor to ceiling racking and varying inventory levels.

Often suffering from RF dead spots or low signal coverage, information can easily be lost or misdirected leading to issues with performance and increased pressure in an already stressful workplace.

To gain the benefits of integrating solutions from leading providers like Intermec requires consistent, reliable wireless connectivity, which can now be achieved thanks to Smart Wi-Fi technology from Ruckus Wireless.

By leveraging the power of its patented BeamFlex technology, Ruckus is able to deliver the required reliability of Wi-Fi performance, extended reach and automatic adaption to changes in the physical environment - crucial factors when utilising Intermec’s supply chain management offerings.

Insource Technology, the largest privately held IT company in Texas, has installed Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi to support Intermec products in a number of warehouse and manufacturing companies, such as StarPak, Polytex, Exel Logistics and Tifco Industries.

President of Insource Technology Corporation, David Black commented:

“The combination of Intermec scanners and Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi has proven to be highly effective in streamlining our customers’ warehouse operations. Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology was a perfect match to help provide us with better, more reliable performance in our customers’ loading dock areas and have made their overall operations definitely much smoother.”

Intermec delivers a diverse portfolio of rugged, reliable and versatile solutions for the modern distribution centre. Its bar code scanners, mobile computers and Vocollect voice solutions are deployed in the warehouses and DCs of the globes leading companies.

Intermec’s Senior Director of Channel Sales & Strategic Alliances, Andy Stento said:

“Intermec provides a broad range of rugged mobile solutions for warehouses, DCs and logistics operations. Ruckus provides excellent Wi-Fi infrastructure that excels in challenging RF environments like these.

“Together, Ruckus and Intermec enable high-performance, cost-effective warehouse supply chain management, which means hassle-free operations and low TCO.”

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