Printed circuit boards without the harmful emissions

Plasma Etch announces it has developed and is now offering the world's first truly green plasma etching system for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards
 Magna Series has been hailed as a great achievement

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American-based Plasma Etch has announced it’s now able to offer the world’s first truly green plasma etching system for the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs); once again demonstrating the company is embodying its motto, ‘Progress through Innovation’.

By developing a unique technology, Magna Series (patent pending), Plasma Etch has been able to eliminate the need for CF4 gas that is currently being used daily by the plethora of PCB manufacturers around the world.

By specifically eliminating CF4, the Magna Series technology can help reduce the amount of harmful CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) gases being emitted continuously by the use of plasma etching systems.

Additionally, the Magna Series technology won’t require the use of O2 bottles presently required, and requires significantly lower power than comparable plasma etching systems currently being used by industry.

The technology has been hailed as a great achievement and a substantial advancement in the protection and preservation of the Earth’s ozone layer, currently being harmed by the world’s increasing reliance on electronics.

Tests by Plasma Etch have also revealed that the technology has set new market standards in several other key areas. The Magna Series provides faster etch times, lower operating costs and process uniformity not available using current alternatives.

A global leader in the design and manufacture plasma systems for a variety of industries. Over the last 30 years, Plasma Etch has developed a comprehensive range of plasma cleaning, plasma etching and plasma surface treatment systems utilised by a range of global industries including medicine, PCBs, semiconductors, electronics, R&D, manufacturing and life sciences.

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