Nokia produces most eco-friendly phones says O2 report

Nokia on top when it comes to environmental impact, sustainable living and ethical record
 Nokia E7-00

An eco rating scheme published by UK phone operator O2 has revealed that Nokia is the most environmentally friendly handset manufacturer. One of the only sustainable rating systems for mobile phones has shown that the Nokia C6-01 and Nokia E7-00 are the most eco-friendly handsets available.

The eco rating scoring system is based on data supplied by manufacturers and covers three broad areas including; the overall environment impact of the device over its lifespan, the functionality of handsets, highlighting devices which help people live more sustainable lives, and the ethical performance of manufacturers.

The two phones, which both scored 4.1 out of 5, were closely followed by the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Mini, the Sony Ericsson X8 and the Nokia C7-00, which all scored four, finishing in joint second place. Apple chose not to take part, so there was no details on the iPhone.


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Simon Lee-Smith, Head of Devices at O2 said: “Although the environmental impact of a mobile phone may seem trivial when compared to say a car or fridge, when you consider the vast volumes of mobiles in circulation across the globe, their impact adds up.”

“We know more and more customers want this level of product transparency and we’re very grateful to the handset manufacturers for their engagement with Eco Rating.”

In February 2011, the Good Guide published a similar report revealing sustainability ratings for mobile phones in the US. Similar conclusions were drawn with Nokia coming out on top, closely followed by Samsung and Motorola.

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