New electric car battery boosts range by 35 percent

UK-based manufacturer Axeon develops prototype lithium-ion battery pack which could extend the range of electric vehicles by 35 percent
 Axeon battery

The questionable mileage range of electric vehicles has been a major stumbling block when it comes to mainstream support from sceptical consumers. However, a consortium led by UK-based Axeon has developed a prototype lithium-ion battery pack which could potentially extend the range of electric cars by 35 percent.


Axeon says that the battery uses Nickel Cobalt Manganese (NCM) electrochemistry which in theory only requires 50 percent less volume and 30 percent less mass when compared to Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry (at cell level).



Additional benefits include increased ground clearance, better weight distribution and more power.


The £1.3 million project has been co-funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board, which awarded the consortium £680,000 to develop a high density battery system for emission-free vehicles.


Lawrence Berns, CEO of Axeon said: “This project has been a remarkable success and reinforces Axeon’s position as a leading provider of advanced battery technology. This new battery represents a real step forward in the development of electric vehicles and is highly versatile, being suitable for applications for many vehicle manufacturers and across a wide range of platforms.”


Axeon alongside partners Ricardo plc and Allied Vehicles are in active discussions to commercialise this new technology for use in electric vehicles.


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