JDA address critical aspects of logistics management

Supply chain company, JDA Software Group announces the latest version of its JDA Transportation & Logistics Management solution, including advancements in end-user interactivity, global logistics capabilities and localised routing
 System addresses all crticial aspects of transportation

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JDA’s most significant Transportation Management System (TMS) release to-date, enhanced features include JDA Transportation Manager, JDA Transportation Planner and JDA Transportation Modeller.

The new system addresses all crticial aspects of transportation to unify supply chain management, optimisation and business analytics for deployment in the cloud; all part of the recently announced JDA eight, the single platform bringing together 30 different products.

JDA Software’s Vice President for Global Logistics, Fabrizio Brasca commented:

“The new JDA Transportation & Logistics Management is game-changing for our customers in several key areas. We’ve re-engineered the way end-users interact with our solution allowing them to leverage greater amounts of actionable data quickly and intuitively to make better decisions.

“From a capabilities standpoint, JDA has broken down silos across intercontinental and local transportation patterns, allowing customers to drive the most value out of their available assets, increase agility and ensure the optimal balance between customer service and cost in complex, global supply chains.”

JDA Transportation & Logistics Management allows organisations to:

Leverage actionable data to increase employee performance ROI – The execution of JDA’s last transportation release features the JDA Transportation Smartbench, a new user interface that empowers users to leverage greater amounts of actionable data.

The Smartbench segments, filters and displays data in ways that are meaningful to the user, allowing users to identify planning exceptions and access navigation capabilities to resolve exceptions in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Optimally balance capacity and bookings for global logistics moves – JDA Transportation supports the ability to optimise and manually generate bookings of multiple containers and to tender to ocean carriers. Bookings can be rated and rate shopped and support full ability to adjust sailings, equipment types and carriers alongside adding and removing booked containers.

JDA Transportation supports rating and scheduling of both direct-to-door and port-to-port rates, allowing all contract types to be represented in a single, dynamic global optimisation and execution flow. The system works in conjunction with JDA Transportation Planner to improve global planning and execution by enabling dynamic equipment selection while maximising ocean carrier capacity commitment and minimising total cost.

Remove silos in localised routing, execution to drive most value of out of available assets – Users can now execute routing movements at a street-level within JDA Transportation to drive the most value out of available assets for both inbound and outbound moves.

Private and dedicated fleet execution can represent loads and continuous moves that consider improved distance considerations, resulting in improved stop sequencing. These types of loads can be executed alongside long haul fleet movements and contract carrier movements in a single workflow, promoting improved cost savings and utilisation of fleet equipment.

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