Ford unveils a new range

The range in question not only refers to the new product offering, but to groundbreaking achievements in hybrid car manufacturing
 Ford C-Max Energi

Ford has finally revealed the eagerly anticipated facts and figures in regards to the upcoming 2013 C-Max Energi.

The plug-in hybrid is set to break the existing barriers in the slow-to-rise sector of the industry, with perhaps the clearest indications yet that a car of its type can be practical for the typical consumer.

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The model has been EPA certified at 108MPGe in urban areas, and 92 MPGe on the highway or motorway, averaging out at 100MPGe for a combined journey.

Ford projects that the car can save drivers up to US$7000 in fuel costs over a five year period, and this is backed up by the expected 620 mile range with a full tank and charged battery. This signifies the longest range of any plug-in hybrid car, beating the Toyota Prius plug-in’s range by an impressive 80 miles.

The C-Max Energi can also travel 14 miles further than the Prius in electric mode only, reaching speeds of 85mph.

Not only do the stats weigh-up in Ford’s favour but the price is likely to be appealing to willing customers too. Edging towards US$30,000 after federal tax credits, the US public will soon have a better reason than ever before to lock up their big gas-guzzling cars and embrace an eco-friendly hybrid.

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