Expanding M-TEK selects Epicor's next-gen ERP solution

Global electronics manufacturing sub-contractor, M-TEK has selected the Epicor next-generation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to support its complex service offering and rapid expansion
 Epicor's next-gen ERP solution can adapt and evolve

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Offering a wide range of services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that rely on high quality electronics manufacturing, M-TEK has doubled its revenue in the last two years, hired new staff and invested in new machinery and processes.    

M-TEK’s General Manager, Frederick Kayrouz said:

“The business challenge we face is having our current ERP system support the plethora of specific requirements dictated by our OEM’s most technically challenging designs and complex builds.

“In parallel, the addition of high calibre talents and business best practices implemented in the operations, process engineering and supply chain business units have further strained our ERP backbone.

“Hence our ERP system needed to be phases out and replaced to ensure we can continue to provide the granular details that our customers need in terms of manufacturing operations, traceability and supply chain management.

“Our existing system is really a finance package with an ERP module, substantiated by a number of our own in-house developed software solutions to support the required additional functionality.”

Needing a solution that not only supported M-TEK’s core functional requirements out of the box, but could also grow alongside the business, Kayrouz continued:

“We want our customers to be able to consult their dedicated components stock levels in our bonded stores and monitor live order progress. This ultimately gives them the increased confidence of having selected the right partner who is in return offering a 24-hour unrestricted visibility of their dedicated manufacturing slots and the progress and completion rate of their outstanding book.

“Equally, we want to better pan and control the progress of project elements that we sub-contract to off-site business units working under the M-TEK umbrella.”

“We’ve reached a size where we need staff performing specific roles at a higher throughput – we are no longer a few people with many hats. Epicor is a system that will put all the knowledge of the business in the hands of every user, when they need it and allow them to work much more efficiently and intelligently towards the set targets.”

A global leader in business software solutions, the Epicor next-generation ERP solution helps and directs staff to perform tasks more efficiently, allows new functions such as real-time metrics monitoring through dashboards and custom reports, full product development and lifecycle management and support, as well as customer portals.

Vice-President, Product Marketing at Epicor, Malcolm Fox said:

“Epicor offers customers a wide range of verticals a huge range of functionality straight out of the box. Time and time again, customers are telling us that they want industry best-practice processes coupled with the flexibility to configure a solution to the specific needs of their business. Epicor is proving itself to deliver on those needs, by giving customers absolute control over their ERP solution.”

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