Complicated manufacturing process could delay Wii U

Hailed as a true pioneers with a revered pedigree of innovation, has Nintendo finally bitten off more than it can chew with its most ambitious home gaming console to date?
 Anticipation for the Wii U has been intensifying

In a recent discussion with CVG (Computer and Videogames) website, sources close to the gaming heavyweight Nintendo have revealed that the release of the upcoming Wii U console may have to be delayed until December.

Having revived the company with the release of its Wii console six years ago, a sense of both critical and commercial anticipation has been intensifying over its successor, the Wii U. Announced last summer, the Wii U features one of the most elaborate and complex controllers seen in the home gaming market, more closely resembling a modern state-of-the-art tablet than the traditional joystick.

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The ‘Gamepad’, built around a 6.2” touchscreen interface, and coupled with a front-facing camera, a range of motion-sensors, NFC (Near-Field Communication) capability and an integrated power supply, has been suggested as the main reason for the delays.

The manufacturing process for the Gamepad has been described as “complex”, though Nintendo has stated that issues, such as those being experienced currently, are common in the run-up to the launch of a major product.

There had been speculation that the delays could result in the Wii U not becoming available in Europe until 2013, potentially missing out on the highly lucrative Christmas period. However, though an official release date has yet to be confirmed, the Japanese company has laid such claims to rest, reassuring consumers and retailers that it will meet the 2012 deadline.

Whether it arrives in 2012 or early 2013, the Wii U has some very big boots to fill. On its release, the original Wii became the fastest selling home console of all time across Europe, UK, Japan and Australia.

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