CDI develop Chinese prepreg technical base

The leading global supplier of prepreg machines and specialist composite processing equipment, CDI has expanded operations into China and created a hub of technical activity
 The CD6015 Combi has a range of benefits for clients

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Installing one of its CD6015 Combi machines at ATA Carbon Fibre Tech’s Guangzhou facility has seen CDI (Century Design Inc) support an increasingly swelling number of substantial Chinese carbon manufacturers.

Prepreg refers to pre-impregnated composite fibres where resin or epoxy is already present, allowing it to be stored for a longer amount of time than the alternative method of epoxy application. With full training and technical support provided by CDI’s technical staff, interested manufacturers are able to demonstrate the machine and produce high-specification, uni-directional prepreg materials.

Commenting on the increased interest in CDI’s services and equipment, company President Keith McConnell said:

“There is so much growth potential in this region and we are excited to be at the forefront of in-house prepreg development in China. CDI offers proven technology, coupled with outstanding technical expertise, and as a result we are experiencing a very high level of interest in our services.”

Speaking earlier this year to Reinforced Plastics Magazine, McConnell stated:

“Like most production machines, prepreg machines are becoming more sophisticated, automated and increasing their data collection capabilities. Companies are looking for easier to use machines, higher outputs and lower cost processing.”

Extolling the virtues of the CD6015 Combi, which was launched earlier this year at the JEC Europe 2012 composites exhibition, McConnell noted:

“This machine supports resin filming and prepreg processing and its development was driven by the explosion of small users who wanted better control of their processes and materials, but were not very interested in becoming prepreg experts or spending a lot of money to develop another option.”

CDI’s CD6015 Combi allows clients to:

  • Experience the quality, wide processing range and ease of operation of CDI machines
  • Gain knowledge in resin filming and prepreg processing
  • Determine the best processing methods for individual resins and fibres
  • Evaluate the benefits of a fully automated prepreg machines

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