Boeing's CST-100

Boeing and Samsung to evaluate mobile technology for new spacecraft

Both manufacturers have stated the enhancement of connectivity and a positive passenger experience as the main goal through its mobile technology partnership
Managed print services gain significance for VW

Canon signs global partnership with Volkswagen for managed print services

Two of the world's most renowned manufacturers have joined forces to enhance the automotive giant's office systems and solutions
An example of ABB innovation on a global scale: Qatar

ABB's enterprise software portfolio boosts cloud influence

The robotics specialist is leveraging the strength of its recently acquired Ventyx offering to enhance its offering to numerous industry sectors including mining and oil & gas
Cloud computing, unravelled...

Up in the Air? The future of cloud computing

As the global economy becomes more hyper-competitive, businesses who are able to adapt and leverage the latest in technology resources will be the most successful
Industrial Marketing given fresh impetus by LinkedIn

What LinkedIn Showcase Pages mean to industrial marketers

Social media is becoming an increasingly important facet in manufacturing, with LinkedIn's new Showcase Pages offering a new platform for strategic marketing in the industry
50 billion “things” will be connected globally by 2020

Cisco highlights Internet of Everything potential in 2014

The networking specialists have released a new report highlighting how the Internet of Everything trend will influence numerous industries from this year onwards, with manufacturing benefiting more than most
Texas Instruments employees working at their motor lab

TI partnership accelerates IOT initiatives

Texas Instruments has teamed up with LogMeIn's Xively platform to be featured as part of the company's new IoT cloud ecosystem, to help business embrace the trend more quickly
Big data analytics is now pivotal to manufactuers

Pricing and sales effectiveness top of mind for manufacturers

Big data analytics is an avenue that manufacturers should ignore at their peril, according to Sebastian Mamro of PROS
Tesla has partnered with Telefonica on its Model S

M2M connectivity for Tesla vehicles enhanced by Telefonica partnership

Telefónica will provide M2M connectivity for Tesla electric vehicles across major European markets
The Chevrolet Pontiac is one GM car under scutiny

Safety concerns build as GM recalls double

Pressure on the US automaker is increasing despite the seemingly positive restructuring in recent years as GM struggles to overcome predated issues


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