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The September edition of Manufacturing Digital is live

September's issue of Manufacturing is live, bringing C-level executives across the continent the latest news, tips and trends in 'how it's made' from the industry

How to Lean your supply chain

A philosophy that requires a symphony of operational factors and an understanding of the relationship between costs also needs a bottom-to-top approach

Blending Lean with accumulation of work-in-progress

Contrary to existing Lean models, one company believes that accumulating work-in-progress can bring about benefit

Seeing through the smog to the cloud above

IT expert Shawn Mills explains three cloud services manufacturers can use to raise efficiencies, and gives six questions to ask about security and availability

Harnessing the power of the people

One of the most powerful tools a company has is its workers so making sure the lines of communication are properly open can result in innovations that can make a real difference to performance

Apple's 'cheap' offering requires advanced engineering

Following the fallout from iPhone's 5c unveiling, Apple has released a video showing how the manufacturing process was anything but simple

IET invests £2 million into the future of engineering

The Institution of Engineering and Technology's Diamond Jubilee Scholarships will offer long-term financial support to 540 engineering students

Manufacturers ready for smartphone war's next battle

The major players in the mobile world are set to unveil the latest iterations of their flagship devices, with releases due next month, and innovation in abundance

GlaxoSmithKline sells Lucozade and Ribena to Japenese company

Drugs manufacturer Glaxo Smith Kline to sell popular and iconic brands Lucozade and Ribena to Japanese company Suntory Beverage and Food Ltd. for £1.35 billion

Additive Manufacturing, stage 2, receives the go-ahead

The next phase of applied research has been given the $9 million approval for NAMII


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