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It's all about value in 2014

Kardex Remstar highlights the importance of value as time, space, picking and accuracy are optimised through the company's automated storage solutions

Integration creates ecommerce success for B2B manufacturers

Manufacturing, sales and distribution needs to become a well-oiled, integrated machine to fend off some of the online age's leading exponents, as Linda Taddonio of Insite Software explains

How to Lean your supply chain

A philosophy that requires a symphony of operational factors and an understanding of the relationship between costs also needs a bottom-to-top approach

Harnessing the power of the people

One of the most powerful tools a company has is its workers so making sure the lines of communication are properly open can result in innovations that can make a real difference to performance

Carpenter Box moves to assist manufacturers

UK - based chartered accountants and tax advisers Carpenter Box LLP launch new team of specialists looking to advise manufacturers

The growing importance of risk management

With irrefutable evidence showing that business exposures to natural catastrophes are on the rise, what can manufacturers do to better mitigate the resulting fallout

The real secret behind lean

Used primarily to increase efficiency and effectiveness as well as quality of production, before we can even think about the success of lean initiatives, we need to get them off the ground and this can be a major stumbling block

The benefits of mobile technology in logistics

Transport and logistics companies could save more than £300,000 (approx.) a year as a result of process re-engineering and the workflow implementation of mobile technology, according to a new survey

3D printing to radically alter industrial supply chains

The ever-escalating evolution of manufacturing is creating plenty of opportunities for real estate developers and investors

Benefits of reshoring manufacturing back to the UK

The re-shoring of production back to the country is expected to create a surge in demand and a host of job positions, according to the findings of a new survey

Film reveals the key to unlocking supply chain success

Supply chain optimisation and business improvement specialist, Oliver Wight has uncovered the secrets of logistical success in a new film for the recently launched Global Transport News channel

Which GPS fleet tracking system best suits your needs?

SageQuest has released its 2013 Buyer's Guide for GPS Vehicle Tracking, providing an authoritative overview of the different systems available to the UK market

Leveraging voice to achieve operational efficiency

By utilising Vocollect Voice across its multiple distribution workflows, Fox Head has generated a host of noteworthy gains, supporting both e-commerce business and geographic expansion

GM accelerates efficiency with new logistics centre

General Motors plan to invest $44.5 million on building a Logistics Optimisation Centre, creating 200 new jobs in the process

Innovative supply chain solutions inbound from Apriso

Apriso, a leading provider of global manufacturing software solutions, has been named as a leading IT logistics provider for the seventh consecutive year by Inbound Logistics Magazine

Industry first improves warehouse communication

The world leader in voice-enabled solutions for mobile workers, Vocollect has unveiled a voice industry first, integrated voice and scanning in one wearable solution, the new Talkman A700

Fostering a supply chain network of collaboration

The world leading group of Lifting Businesses, Konecranes has selected E2open to provide cloud-based solutions to enable collaborative execution across its global trading network

JDA address critical aspects of logistics management

Supply chain company, JDA Software Group announces the latest version of its JDA Transportation & Logistics Management solution, including advancements in end-user interactivity, global logistics capabilities and localised routing

Challenges facing the infrastructure investment market

Due to the long term/international nature of private infrastructure investing there are a number of challenges within the infrastructure market facing investors today

Airbus and IBM e-solutions venture takes off

By working together to integrate and further develop airline e-solutions, Airbus and IBM are using big data to tailor maintenance, engineering and flight data management

Silver SC21 Award puts Hermitage on path for growth

A small UK manufacturer has achieved a major accreditation many larger companies fail to attain with the help of the Manufacturing Advisory Service

Industry comments on Mazda recall

With the news that the Japanese auto-manufacturer is having to recall 15,000 of its Mazda6 diesel cars worldwide due to a faulty component, IFS Global Director Antony Bourne offers his comments

Choosing the right bulk material handling equipment

Series of online videos aims to help companies navigate the vast range of sanitary-compliant bulk material handling equipment design options available today

Michelin select JDA to manage its supply chain

Michelin announce that it has selected solutions from JDA Software in order to successfully implement it customer-segmented supply chain strategy

ITWWA introduce America to StorFast warehouse solution

Global supplier of innovative, fully-integrated warehousing solutions, ITWWA has showcased its StorFast cart-based, ultra high-density, automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for the first time in North America

Could warehouse technology save you £250k a year?

According to a recent study by Intermec, distribution centres are losing an average of nearly a quarter of a million pounds due to mis-picks - improperly selected items being shipped to clients

Logistical risk management to come to the fore in 2013

The struggling European economy has inevitably seen the supply chain industry have to adapt during 2012 - a theme that will continue into 2013 according to leading end-to-end supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co

New Year, new supply chain

In today's uncertain environment, INFORM's Karsten Horn explains how it has become increasingly important for businesses to guarantee that when a customer wants to make a purchase, their supply chain is efficient enough to ensure that the item they want is available

Is your organisations' fleet safe?

Worried about keeping your fleet safe in the New Year? Kate Webster offers her three tips for commercial vehicle insurance

Most challenging time of the year

Research by workflow performance company, Intermec shows logistics managers are unprepared for the costly post-holiday period, especially in regards to high numbers of returns

DHL Supply Chain shift gears for further Asian growth

With its eye firmly on the Automotive, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors, DHL Supply Chain looks to capitalise on the future growth many are predicating for Asian Pacific industry

Supply chain inefficiencies amount to 3,000hrs a year

Warehouses are losing nearly 3,000 hours a year on average through inefficient workflows and many are failing to address the issue, says new research from workflow performance company Intermec

Chinese manufacturing achieves 13-month high

China's expansive manufacturing industry is finally showing signs of recovery after seven consecutive quarters of slowdown

Managing risk to drive future organisational growth

Business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight has released a new white paper outlining how businesses can better manage vulnerabilities, opportunities and risk

Samsung looks to stop supplying LCD panels to Apple

Following the highly publicised and ongoing patent battle between the two electronic behemoths, the widening rift between the pair has caused Samsung to allegedly terminate its contract to supply Apple with LCD panels

Cordys help Tata steel itself for future expansion

Tata Steel has announced Cordys as its cloud platform provider in an effort to drive operational excellence through the integration and streamlining of its supply chain

Increase in orders provide boost for UK manufacturers

The latest Industrial Trends Survey from CBI provide a ray of hope, but many manufacturers are still concerned for remainder of 2012

UK manufacturers facing toughest conditions since 2008

New survey show weakening export markets are taking their toll on the industry, but prospects for the rest of the year remain positive

Revenue from emerging markets to become vital by 2017

Manufacturers are expecting 40 percent of their global revenues to come from emerging markets over the next five years, says a new report by global market and competitor consultants

Fujitsu's Logifit software to transform logistics

By simplifying the acquisition of logistical data and combining it with sales information, the new software has the potential to save a business time and money

Growing supply chain disruption encourages re-shoring

EEF has released a major survey outlining how increased disruptions to supply chains from recession and natural disasters is causing rising numbers of companies to bring production back in-house and search for local supply opportunities

Accessing overseas markets to be made easier

A new entity has been created to help British businesses secure foreign investment and expand into, and access overseas markets, a problem which remains challenging for many

Production error impedes Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S3

The future may not be as assured for the South Korean electronics giant as they think, with the news of production delays breaking on the same day its new phone is cited as being far more advanced than anything the competition has to offer

Thailand's woes blamed on declining global demand

Just days after the World Bank expressed concerns that the Eurozone debt crisis could pose a threat to economies in Asia which rely on international trade, Thailand has reported a shocking fall in exports for April

British Raleigh sold to Dutch Accell

Raleigh Cycle, a name synonymous with the long history of the bicycle industry, has been sold to the Dutch company Accell in a deal worth over £62 million ($100 million)

Supply chain turmoil forces closure of Ford plants

Following CMI Industrial being placed into receivership, Ford's Broadmeadows and Geelong assembly plants, both in Victoria, Australia, are being forced to shut down operations until at least the middle of next week

Chip shortage affects smartphone and tablet production

High demand for Snapdragon processors, predominantly used in smartphones and tablets, has led to a shortage, creating a ripple effect being felt by manufacturers around the globe

Samsung Electronics to invest $7bn in China

The South Korean company announced last night that construction on its largest overseas chip production plant in China would be starting shortly

Amazon purchase robot manufacturers Kiva Systems

In a sale worth $775million, online retail giant Amazon has bought out Kiva Systems - makers of computer controlled robots designed to streamline warehouse processes

Shipping delays for Apple's new iPad

Ahead of the launch of Apple's 'new iPad' this Friday, buyers who have attempted to avoid the release-day crowds by pre-ordering the device online have been warned that a delay in delivery is probable


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