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Samsung creates own free streaming app

Milk Music is the latest in a series of free music and radio streaming apps, offering US owners of its galaxy range a similar service to that of Spotify and iTunes Radio

SERUS' SaaS solution links end-to-end supply chain

The leader in supply chain management has delivered its Supply Chain Visibility & Intelligence to support outsourcing in high-tech manufacturing

MAS helps SME develop innovative tech solution

The Manufacturing Advisory Service has teamed up with Eyestones in the UK to produce the continent's first recessed socket outlet to improve flat screen TV installations

Injection moulding difficulties delay iWatch lift-off

Apple has joined Qualcomm in experiencing manufacturing difficulties in the production of its smartwatch, as the gadget continues to stutter out of the blocks

Manufacturing to benefit from Google robotics

In the same week that Amazon signalled its intentions to invest in the trend, technology giant, Google is also speeding up its investments in the field, much to the delight of engineering companies worldwide

Motorola Solutions innovates enterprise technology with Android range

Integration is proving key to the global telecommunications manufacturer's latest market offering, as the company combines its own technologies with Android's primary operating system

Frost & Sullivan: Asia is photovoltaic solar panel hub

Asia has become the hub for the photovoltaic solar panel market, with 70 percent of manufacturers and material suppliers choosing to move to China, Taiwan and Japan

HCL favours supply chain over manufacturing

The Indian technology company's Infosystems brand has lost no sleep in chopping off the manufacturing arm of its operations in a bid to develop other sections of the business and fend off global competitors

Engineering 'world first' secured with investment

The integration of a planetary gearbox into the main motor shaft is set to innovate not only UK manufacturing, but global engineering processes

HP to manufacture 3D printers in 2014

The company claims that 3D printing is still in its infancy, as it sets its sights on climbing back up the manufacturing ladder

Mac Pro's assembly line reveals unique processes

The making of Apple's all-new Mac Pro was never likely to be simple, but its latest video gives people the clearest insight yet into the highly-complex manufacturing process

Epicor survey shows CIOs into business transformation

New UK survey unveils a quiet evolution:the CIO journey from improver to transformer. What are the changing responsibilities for the new transformer CIO? 83 percent say "expanding into new markets", 67 percent say "managing changes in the business model"

Seeing through the smog to the cloud above

IT expert Shawn Mills explains three cloud services manufacturers can use to raise efficiencies, and gives six questions to ask about security and availability

Apple's 'cheap' offering requires advanced engineering

Following the fallout from iPhone's 5c unveiling, Apple has released a video showing how the manufacturing process was anything but simple

Manufacturers ready for smartphone war's next battle

The major players in the mobile world are set to unveil the latest iterations of their flagship devices, with releases due next month, and innovation in abundance

Volkswagen installs first collaborative robot

Volkswagen has installed its first robot to collaborate directly with employees in an engine production plant at Salzgitter, Germany

HP returns to acquisitions amidst troubling last quarter results

CEO Meg Whitman reshuffles management, blaming mistakes for a six percent share-fall, and suggested that a revival was on its way that would lead to more deals in the near future

Tesco to enter Christmas tablet wars

Supermarket giant set to unveil the Hudl tablet; a budget slate that will go head-to-head with offerings from established players Google, Apple and Amazon.

Wind energy production receives noise and output boost

GE has formed a partnership with Sandia National Laboratories to address some of the key manufacturing issues in modern day wind turbines

Cloud technology improves infrastructure designs

Autodesk's breakthrough product looks to change the way projects are planned, designed, built and maintained

IBM launch new wind and solar forecasting system

IBM's advanced solution combines big data analytics and weather modeling technology to predict output of individual wind turbines

'That's showbiz!' TAIT acquires Stage Technologies

US stage equipment firm TAIT acquire UK's Stage Technologies, saying they will now "offer unrivaled technology and expertise across the globe"

Philips launches Friends of hue lighting system

Apps will connect to the wireless 'hue' system to allow greater control of ambient lighting

Challenge of user and access management in the cloud

As cloud continues to expand within manufacturing, working with cloud applications has consequences that need to be addressed in terms of user and access management

Caterpillar to buy Berg Propulsion

US giant Caterpillar Inc will acquire marine propulsion systems manufacturer Berg Propulsion as it moves into the world of aqua engineering

Maximising data value in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is falling behind other industries in data management and analysis strategies. Difficult, unpredictable market conditions call for new methods, and a shift towards predictive forecasting using new data sources

Invensys takeover by French Schneider

French energy specialists rescue Invensys from debt concerns with £3.4 billion takeover that has some commentators mourning the death of British industry

Worry for Nintendo as Wii U taken off Asda shelves

Walmart-owned UK supermarket chain removes Nintendo's latest console from stores, but keeps Xbox and Playstation

Electrical industry now sourcing technical info online

The Institute of Engineering & Technology has launched The IET Wiring Regulations Digital: Online to address the evolving needs of industry

83% of manufacturers suffering critical IT problems

Leading network, hosting and cloud integration business, Easynet Global Services has unveiled the results of a new study examining the challenges manufacturers are having with the performance of their IT infrastructure.

ERP's role in a successful customer experience

Global leader in business software solutions, Epicor Software has announced that a new IDC Manufacturing Insights study has revealed how important a customer-oriented strategy is for successful manufacturers

Improved robotic software solutions from ABB

ABB builds on its extensive experience to offer even easier, faster and more flexible programming of machine tending tasks with new software updates

Going multichannel - The growth of B2B ecommerce

Manufacturers could reap greater benefits from B2B ecommerce than they currently realise, but it needs to be more fully integrated into their operations

Why aren't manufacturers adopting Wi-Fi quicker?

Just under a quarter of UK manufacturing companies don't provide Wi-Fi access to their staff when in the office reveals a new survey, with many blaming a lack of security and a lack of bandwidth

Another layer of investment for 3D printing industry

The UK government has pledged almost £15 million to help fund innovative R&D projects that utilise cutting-edge 3D printing techniques

Automotive simulation technology is virtually here

Five new academic research projects, aimed at advancing the UK's role in developing virtual simulation technologies have been unveiled today led by Jaguar Land Rover

Siemens extend its Industry Automation capabilities

A world leading provider of production planning and scheduling software, the Preactor Group Limited has been acquired by Siemens AG and added to its Industry Automation Systems business division

Siemens manufactures a Learning Advantage for students

The leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software is helping to better prepare students for jobs in the highly competitive world of modern manufacturing

Competing on the world stage in the digital age

In today's digital economy, embracing new technologies has become key to improving business efficiency and, for the manufacturing industry, harnessing cutting-edge ICT to maximise competitive advantage has never been as crucial to business growth

Airbus has it in the bag thanks to Dell OEM

Dell OEM Solutions partners with Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer to provide an end-to-end Electronic Flight Bag solution to support A320 Family airline operators

BAE Systems Detica help defend McLaren Group's IP

McLaren Group, which includes Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, has announced that will safeguard its valuable data and advanced technology from potential cyber attacks with the help of BAE Systems Detica

TSMC chip away at Intel's semiconductor lead

The world's largest contract chip manufacturer has announced it is breaking its traditional two-year manufacturing upgrade cycle to start utilising the latest manufacturing technology in early 2014

Inspired by nature, Festo release dragonfly robot

Taking inspiration from the way dragonflies hover in mid-air, glide and manoeuvre, the automation technology specialist has set its BionicOpter free

Manufacturing appears lost in the cloud

A new survey has revealed that the manufacturing sector is becoming increasingly frustrated by the hype and jargon too often spouted by IT vendors when promoting and selling cloud services

Business as usual no longer applies to manufacturing

In the wake of increasing global pressures, a new exclusive roundtable for small manufacturing firms reveals an acute need for new ways to survive, such as cloud based PLM and worldwide knowledge sharing

Samsung expand further into Apple and Google's backyard

Samsung has confirmed expansion rumours of its Silicon Valley Research and Development centre with the construction of two six-story buildings scheduled to begin this summer

Rugged mobile solutions improve warehouse performance

The performance of distribution centres and manufacturing operations could be greatly improved thanks to a partnership between Ruckus Wireless Inc and Intermec Inc announced today

Proficy Vision aims to increase your plant performance

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the availability of its newest addition to its Proficy software platform, Proficy Vision - a powerful operational dashboard to deliver a single view of operations to drive performance

Dell gives clients a better insight into data analysis

Global computer technology giant, Dell has announced that new workload-optimised solutions for the SAP HANA platform, enabling clients to confidently deploy associated Dell server, storage and networking systems, and run more efficient business-critical applications

InduSoft launch SCADA App for use with Windows 8 & RT

Leading software provider, InduSoft has launched an InduSoft Visualisation App for Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft's highly-anticipated new version of its Windows operating system


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