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Four questions answered by Pfizer on AstraZeneca deal

Mikael Dolsten, President, Worldwide Research and Development, discusses a potential combination with the UK drugs giant in a video posted to the company's website

3D printing helps to produce new 'electronic heart glove'

The 'glove' has been developed in the US and could feasibly keep a human heart beating indefinitely

GlaxoSmithKline sells Lucozade and Ribena to Japenese company

Drugs manufacturer Glaxo Smith Kline to sell popular and iconic brands Lucozade and Ribena to Japanese company Suntory Beverage and Food Ltd. for £1.35 billion

Ranbaxy Labs to expand Malaysian operations

India's largest pharmaceutical company, Ranbaxy Laboratories, is to develop its second manufacturing plant in Malaysia, increasing output by two billion does per year in the country

Perrigo buys Elan to reap Irish tax benefits

Elan's resilience in holding off Royalty Pharma in recent months has paid off after it finds a different American suitor

GlaxoSmithKline replaces China boss after allegations

Drugs giant replaces head of operations in China after authorities detain top executives for corruption

NPL training allows medical supplier to measure up

Medical device manufacturer Owen Mumford has improved its efficiency, productivity and workforce thanks to investing in NPL Dimension Measurement Training

Biomedical uses for advanced fluid-repellent paper

Renowned for its ability to absorb liquids, making it ideal for products such as paper towels, researchers at Georgia Tech have created a new process to turn old-fashioned paper into an advanced, fluid-repellent material

Hydrogel prevents human body rejecting medical implants

Engineers from the University of Washington have created a synthetic substance that fully resists the body's natural attack response to foreign objects such as medical implants

Parker Hannifin launch new medical grade polyurethane

Global leader in motion and control technologies has created medical grade polyurethane that demonstrates expanded resistance to environmental stress cracking, as well as characteristic polycarbonate resistance to oxidation and swelling

C-Major proves a point with innovative needle design

UK manufacturer C-Major is gearing up to being a range of retracting sharps medical devices to market with the potential to significantly reduce needle injuries and prevent the spread of diseases

Positive year ahead for pharmaceutical sector

Accenture, the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company has produced an infographic to illustrate the findings of its recent study of the pharmaceutical industry

One in the eye for stroke diagnosis

Researchers at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine have developed a bedside electronic device capable of successfully determining whether a patient has suffered a stroke or something less severe

GE to apply manufacturing techniques to hospitals

A combination of robotic systems, RFID and computer vision technology is hoped to bring manufacturing efficiency to surgical tool packaging, delivery and sterilisation

And you thought lasers were cool before...

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have had a breakthrough in laser cooling technology which could lead to a host of future innovations such as slim-lined MRI machines and self-cooling computer chips

Do EU controls on hazardous substances REACH you?

Manufacturers are being warned they could face unlimited fines or even prison if they fail to adhere to the requirements of a European Regulation regarding the restriction or banning of certain hazardous substances

Making sure you can stand the heat

Carolyn Kidd explains the difference between 'Inherent' Flame Resistant (FR) clothing and 'Treated' FR clothing, something which could save yours or your employees' lives

Worker wellness initiatives improve operational health

The findings from a national American survey have revealed that nearly nine out of 10 organisations (87 percent) have tangibly felt the benefits of worksite wellness

Vision to make Australian manufacturing healthier

The region's pharmaceutical industry has come together to share an investment scheme it thinks could provide the health boost Australian industry so desperately needs

Diabetic wound treatment enters twenty-first century

Researchers from the University of Oxford have created a groundbreaking 3D system to measure and characterise diabetic wounds, saving millions in medical bills and improving the lives of those living with the disease

Draeger Safety breathes new life into product testing

To enable its customers to better understand its products, a world leader in medical and safety technologies, Draeger Safety UK has truly thought outside the box, hosting a unique and innovative event which has gone down a storm

Applications and interest for medical polymers growing

A leading manufacturer of custom medical polymers, Foster Corporation has announced industry interest in implantable medical device applications is booming

Dawn of biodegradable electronics & medical implants

American researchers have developed a new form of electronics technology enabling devices to dissolve in water, a property which could lead to host of potential future applications

BedFleX scoops first place at Make it in GB Challenge

After months of hard work, a team of apprentices from BAE Systems has been crowned winners of the Make it in Great Britain Challenge with their innovative invention - BedFleX

Ottobock set the wheels in motion for Paralympic gold

This year's Paralympic Games doesn't just provide the perfect showcase for the ability and dynamism of the athletes, but that of the technical support staff as well

Light-activated skeletal muscle to advance biorobotics

A team of scientists have created the world's first light-activated skeletal muscle enabling robots of the future to be stronger and importantly, vastly more flexible

Forget nine; a stitch in time could save lives

By guiding the placement of post-surgery sutures, the handheld FastStitch can save patients from potential infection, herniation and evisceration

Healthcare to benefit from bacteria resistant polymers

A team of researchers have discovered a new class of polymers that are resistant to bacterial attachment, and could lead to a marked reduction in hospital infections and medical device failures

Aviation technology to improve post-op healthcare

Collaboration between research from the Academic Surgery Unit at University Hospital of South Manchester and Lancaster University has resulted in an innovative medical device to provide real-time analysis of heart patients

Micro-robots help remove blood clots simply & safely

The complex, yet necessary task of clearing blood clots from the brain could become a lot easier for surgeons and much safer for patients thanks to the application of micro-robotic technology in creating the Neuroglide

FDA approve first medical grade OLED display

Almost a year after being officially launched, Sony has announced that it's PVM-2551 MD, an OLED medical display, has finally been approved by the US FDA (Food & Drink Association), which has the potential to translate into huge sales for the Japanese electronics behemoth

Manufacturing fatalities rise, as most industries fall

The preliminary figures, released by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), show workplace-related fatalities have fallen in the last year for most industries, but risen for manufacturing

Team develops 'stretchable' medical implants

American researchers have developed a unique method for creating medical electronic implants capable of behaving like a "rubber band"

UK partnership looks to save NHS thousands every year

Recycled UK has formed a partnership with IMR (Industrial Material Recycling) to develop vision imaging software which could save NHS Healthcare Trusts hundreds of thousands of pounds every year from the disposal of time expired X-ray films

Survey aims to improve medical device manufacturing

Research firm Cambashi have launched a survey in the hope of creating a better understanding of the medical device manufacturing industry

Researchers develop process to 'print' drugs

Using a commercially-available 3D printer and open-source design software, researchers at the University of Glasgow have developed a process that could transform they way prescription drugs are manufactured and administered

Microchip implant could revolutionise drug delivery

A microchip implant, which delivers regular doses of drugs to patients, has been successfully tested in its first clinical trial with human subjects

WHO expects flu vaccine production to double by 2015

World Health Organisation says that 11 developing country manufacturers will join fight to prevent influenza

Pfizer announces closure of leading UK research hub Sandwich

Pfizer has announced the closure of its leading UK research centre, Sandwich, which has been responsible for the discovery of many successful products. These include impotence pill Viagra, heart drug Norvasc and HIV/AIDS medicine Celsentri.

British scientists create miracle pill to mend broken hearts

The British Heart Foundation has launched a 50 million pound ($80 million) research project into the potential of stem cells to regenerate heart tissue and "mend broken hearts". The pill, which could be available in as little as seven years, tricks the heart into healing itself and make the recovery from a heart attack as simple as mending a broken leg.

Multiple Sclerosis pill is given approval by EU

European regulators are close to licensing a breakthrough pill, which could help Multiple Sclerosis sufferers. If they succeed, it will be the first daily MS pill on the market to be available in the EU. MS is the most common disabling neurological condition. Every week 50 young people are diagnosed with the disease. It affects almost 100,000 Britons.

Scientists create device to target fear of the dental drill

Studies have shown that for many people it is the sound of the drill that causes the most anxiety about visiting the dentist. This could soon be a thing of the past with a new innovative device which cancels out the noise of the dental drill.

SEEK develops chocolate cough remedy

Scientists are carrying out the final stages of clinical trials of a drug that contains theobromine, an ingredient found in chocolate and cocoa. The drug, called BC1036, is being developed by the private UK company SEEK.

GSK signs agreement with Impax for Parkinson's drug

The UK's largest drug maker, GlaxoSmithKline, has signed an agreement with Impax Pharmaceuticals for development and commercialisation rights to Impax's Parkinson's combination drug IPX066. Impax says IPX066 has the potential to control Parkinson’s symptoms, such as the reduction in “off time” throughout the day.

American scientists develop jet lag pill

Scientists are developing a jet leg pill that could relieve millions of long-haul passengers from sleepless nights and mid-afternoon drowsiness. The pill is made from a natural chemical, dubbed ‘longdaysin’, which has been proven to dramatically slow down the body’s biological clock, allowing it to catch up with the local time.

Stinky Smell Prompts Tylenol Recall

Smell something funny? If you’ve got a bottle of the Tylenol 8 Hour Caplet 50 at home, that moldy odor might be coming from the pills.

AstraZeneca strike dates set

Three strikes of two hours over pensions changes will be staged on 8 September, followed by three further four hour walkouts on 15 September, the GMB union announced. A week later, members will strike for 24 hours from 0600 BST on 22 September. AstraZeneca said it was “disappointed” at the news.

AstraZeneca Workers to Strike after Pensions Row

GMB said that dates for industrial action were not yet confirmed but will be set later this week unless the pharmaceuticals giant reopens negotiations over planned changes to its pension scheme.

AstraZeneca Strike Ballot

Over 600 GMB members employed by AstraZeneca, the giant multi-national drugs company, at its manufacturing site at Macclesfield in Cheshire, are holding a strike ballot over changes to their pension scheme.

Facilities Management: New Partner for Bristol-Myers Squibb

In an effort to improve operational efficiencies and standardize delivery models, Bristol-Myers Squibb has selected Johnson Controls as its outsourcing partner to manage multiple facilities throughout North America.


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