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Machinists Urge Opposition Parties to Walk Out on Bill C-38 Vote!

Dave Ritchie
IAM Canadian General Vice President
416-386-1789 Ext #6323
Bill Trbovich
IAM Director of Communications
416-386-1789 Ext#6331 or 416-735-9765

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 13, 2012) - "I'm calling on all opposition MPs to walk out of the house and not participate in the voting on Bill C-38," said IAM Canadian General Vice President Dave Ritchie.

Bill C-38, the 'Jobs Growth and Long Term Prosperity Act', or budget implementation bill, contains not just budget measures but numerous significant amendments to legislation affecting everything from environmental assessments to pensions.

"Mr Harper may have the majority of seats in parliament but he doesn't represent the majority of Canadians that will be impacted by this bill," explained Ritchie. "I'm asking all opposition MPs not to participate in this farce any longer. This Prime Minister has already shown on two occasions, his disregard for democracy when he prorogued parliament and now he wants to limit debate and push this Bill through with his majority. Mr Harper has neutered parliament."

"I recognize the efforts in parliament by the opposition to shed light on threats posed by this legislation to pensions, workers' rights, the environment and most of all democracy," said Ritchie. "But that hasn't worked so now I'm calling for a boycott of the coming votes on what is nothing short of heinous legislation."

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers - IAM, represents 40,000 Canadian workers in the Air Transport, Aerospace, Automotive, Woodworking, Manufacturing, and Healthcare sectors.


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