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Midlands Assembly Network gears up for future growth

The Midlands Assembly Network looks for further expansion in 2013 with additional contracts worth £2m, projected growth in the automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors and the appointment of new Chairman, Tony Hague
 Currently at 8 members, MAN aims to reach 10 shortly  Newly appointed Chairman of MAN, Tony Hague

Currently the Managing Director of PP Electrical Systems, Tony Hague will take charge of the eight-strong collaboration of world class engineering companies which make up the Midlands Assembly Network (MAN) as it prepares to enter its seventh year.   

The key sectors of automotive, aerospace and electronics have been targeted for next year as being the ones most likely to benefit from MAN’s experience and expertise in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering solutions.

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Following this morning’s announcement, Hague commented:

“This is going to be an important year for MAN and one that we want to adopt a more aggressive approach to sales. We’ve already established a proven track for world class quality and security of supply, with over £12m of contracts already delivered for a high profile global customer base.

“However, I do know we can do more. We just need to be more proactive and this will start with the recruitment of a dedicated sales consultant to represent the group.

“We’ll also be looking to develop a more sales driven website and marketing material and actively take the MAN message out to potential customers.”

The eight members of MAN include Advanced Chemical Etching, Alucast, Brandauer, Barkley Plastics, FW Cables, PP Electrical Systems, SMT Developments and Westley Engineering; with a combined workforce of over 650 highly skilled professionals based across nine world class manufacturing facilities.

Hague continued:

“There’s over £3bn of opportunities currently available in the automotive industry at present so it seems like a natural sector to target, especially when you consider our experience in Quality Cost Delivery (QCD) performances.

“Then you have the next generation of aircraft currently being developed, this offers some great opportunities to get involved in the design and prototype stage; similarly again with the latest electronics.”

Hague succeeds Westley Engineering’s Gerry Dunne as MAN Chairman and expects to increase the membership of the group to 10 by the start of 2013, as well as significantly increase working links with local educational institutions such as universities and colleges.

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