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McLaren MP4-12C hits production problems

Production of McLaren's MP4-12C supercar has slowed down due to various quality issues
 McLaren MP4-12C

According to Autoweek, production of McLaren's first supercar since the iconic F1 has slowed down due to various quality issues. Although the automotive group were quick to assure customers that problems were not safety related, those waiting for an MP4-12C will find the news less than encouraging.


"There are no safety concerns for the delay," said Tony Joseph, Director of McLaren North America. "We've had some quality-related issues in a few cars we wanted to address before we continue to deliver customer cars."



Rumours on the internet suggested there were safety and performance related issues as two McLaren MP4-12C's crashed in quick succession recently. However it is thought the main problems are related to condensation in the headlamps, door operation and a battery-draining fault, to which Joseph added: "We believe the battery issue is coming from the electrical head unit, which appears to not be shutting off."


Joseph was confident that any delivery delays would not last any longer than two to three weeks and ensuring the customer received a quality product was the most important factor. "We want to make sure we deliver a proper product to our customers and I would rather delay getting them in customers' hands by a couple of weeks if I can ensure a better product."


So far McLaren has delivered 59 McLaren MP4-12C's across Europe with no vehicles said to be affected by these latest problems. However, it is not the first time McLaren has had to go back and re-visit issues with the car as earlier this year the automotive group tweaked the MP4's throttle response and modified its Intake Sound Generator for a more thrilling drive.


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