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Japanese cars more reliable than European counterparts

Latest reliability index reveals that cars built in Japan and Korea are much more reliable than vehicles manufactured in Europe
 Most reliable car - Kia Picanto

Japanese and Korean car makers have been confirmed as the most reliable manufacturers according to a new survey. To compile the reliability index, Warranty Direct based its findings on 50,000 live policies of cars aged between three to eight years old.

The top 10 manufacturers in the survey all came from either Japan or Korea with Honda topping the results for a staggering sixth year in a row. The Japanese manufacturer had a failure rate of just nine percent.


However, even though European built cars were by and large cheaper to fix, they were also found to break down frequently. The UK's manufacturing industry will be disappointed to hear that Land Rover came in as the least reliable brand, with 55 percent of its vehicles suffering from problems.

The survey, which was carried out alongside consumer group What Car?, looked at frequency of break downs, time in the garage and repair costs.Porsche vehicles were found to be the most expensive to fix with an average cost of £690 while Fiats were the cheapest coming out at around £241 on average.

 What Car? Editor-In-Chief Chas Hallett said: “This year's study is a stark reminder of the disparity in reliability between Far Eastern brands, which dominate the top 10, and European brands, which contribute the bulk of the bottom 10.”

Top Five:

1. Honda

2. Toyota

3= Lexus

3= Mitsubishi


Bottom Five:

35. Land Rover

34. Alfa Romeo

33. Renault

32. Saab

31. Jeep

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