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Exhausts UK accelerates growth

Aided by the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), Exhausts UK is speeding towards an impressive 2013 thanks to a more strategic approach to sales and marketing
 Rachel and Peter Jarvis, Exhausts UK

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Continued support from MAS has already helped the Sheffield-based Exhausts UK create one new position, with two more expected in 2013, and turnover this financial year set to be over £1m for the first time in the company’s history.   

Established in 2004 and run by siblings Rachel and Peter Jarvis, Exhaust UK is a leading manufacturer of high quality performance exhausts systems. The company supplies the trade and several high profile customers, as well as running an active e-commerce site under the brand name ‘Cobra Sport’.

Peter Jarvis commented:

“We first approached MAS three years ago when we won an order to supply exhausts to Subaru UK dealerships. It was a great thrill to get the contract, but we quickly realised that we would have to gear up for an increase in production.

“The expertise provided at the time, including the implementation of a new dedicated production line for volume manufacturing, along with the introduction of 5S was invaluable.”

Exhaust UK has continued to work with MAS on a number of successful projects, with Advisor Peter Rooney looking at introducing a more strategic approach to the company’s sales and marketing activities.

However, it was agreed that there were more pressing issues in the back office, especially in regards to increasing the efficiency of handling the volume of work running through the production facility.

Rachel Jarvis picked up the story:

“Working with MAS has revolutionised the way the whole business is run. Peter Rooney really goes the extra mile for us and he helped to introduce a whole new way of working, including improved job sheets and systems for monitoring orders and overseeing the installation of a new bending machine.

“He is very ‘hands on’ and works closely with our staff and makes sure new systems are understood and implemented.

“Our people have enthusiastically taken on board the changes which have been introduced. Everything is much more organised and departments now work together more effectively; resulting in the whole process running more smoothly, from orders being taken through to delivery.

The business is now turning its attention to increasing exports, an area that offers significant potential for growth, concluded Rachel:

“Currently, exports make up five percent of our turnover, but we are confident there is a demand for performance exhausts across Europe. Over the next year we will be attending trade shows with the aim of promoting our exhausts and making new contracts.”

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