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Capitalising on the UK's engineering strengths

Developer and manufacturer of water purification systems for use in both the healthcare and research sectors, as well as throughout industry, Purite discuss the importance of capitalising your strengths and expertise
 Comments - Antony Bourne, Global Ind. Director, IFS

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“This Government believes technology-based innovation will be one of the key drivers of the private sector-led economic growth that Britain so urgently needs,” Prime Minister David Cameron has stated. Whatever your political position, it's difficult to deny that Britain offers something special when it comes to technological skill and the ability to develop specialised engineered solutions. 

With its world class universities and depth of engineering talent, the UK should play to its strengths and use its skills to export specialised engineering solutions to the fastest emerging global markets. Capitalising on the great UK science and technology knowledge base will enable Britain to compete in these emerging markets and provide an exciting economical alternative to our over-reliance on the public sector. 

British companies who are not subject to the decisions of a multinational owner can be strong here because they can dedicate their efforts to specialised solutions and build confidence in their customers, without being forced to switch allegiances by their owners.  Using expertise that has been built up over time, it is easier for such companies to address the economic pressure to reduce energy consumption, a key driver in all current and future technological development, without compromising performance.

Purite is dedicated to providing specialised solutions in healthcare, laboratory and industrial water purification and has used its expertise to expand its laboratory export business in emerging global markets. In 2012, Purite has shipped 51 laboratory water purification systems to one of the largest Malaysian Universities, followed by a supply of 75 Select Fusion units for a new project at a prestigious University in the United Arab Emirates.  

Our strength as a trusted and valued supplier flows from our dedicated expertise and our ability to provide innovative solutions; as differentiators in the marketplace, those qualities are hard to beat.

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