E-invoicing solution encourages Mazda's Bottomline

Mazda Motor Logistics Europe has furthered its ongoing growth strategy and commitment to sustainability with the adoption of Bottomline Technologies' latest solution, Transform
 Mazda Europe generates 70k invoices and 4k reports

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Mazda Motor Logistics Europe has pioneered a number of innovative adoptions in its efforts to reduce paper consumption and raise efficiencies; including e-invoicing, digital signing and streamlining the generation and management of critical transactional documents.

Following the adoption of Bottomline Technologies’ latest solution, Transform, Mazda can now automate the generation of custom documents, invoices, picking lists and report; while also reducing the company’s reliance on paper via integrated Pdf generation, archiving, digital archiving and network sharing.

Teamleader Operations at Mazda Motor Logistics Europe, Johan Van Parys stated:

“Mazda generates significant volumes of documents every month - from the Customs documents required to accompany spare parts, to 70,000 invoices, as well as picking lists and labels in the warehouse and around 4,000 reports for customer service, finance and IT.

“These documents can be generated at once in several different distribution formats, including email, fax and FTP, and in multiple languages to support Mazda’s European operations and country specific Customs and export demands.”

The decision to upgrade to the latest version of Transform was based on a number of technological and business benefits.

Critically, Transform is a single, highly integrated solution that includes all the key features – such as web services, Pdf services and digital signing – that Mazda uses extensively. The single solution replaces the previous reliance upon multiple third party offerings, reducing the upgrade and maintenance overhead for Mazda.

This highly streamlined approach to handling transactional documents has delivered significant benefits to Mazda Motor Logistics Europe, Van Parys continued:

“Using a single, centralised solution that takes the raw data and automates the creation of documents has enabled Mazda to streamline processes. There is no need for complex coding in the Sapiens system every time there is a change to a document or process flow, minimising the overhead associated with document generation.”

 “Documents can be either printed, emailed, made available on a network share or stored in the archive system providing upwards of 250 Mazda staff with direct access to the information. This ensures that any customer queries regarding invoicing or Customs demands for duplicates of legal documents can be rapidly retrieved, further minimising the administrative overhead.”

Van Parys concluded:

“A key benefit of adopting Transform is how easy it is to use. Making changes or developing new flows and documents is incredibly easy, which enables just one individual at Mazda to handle the entire document generation process across Europe.

“In addition to being a multi-language, multi-currency solution, Transform ensures that changes made once – such as to a VAT rate – are automatically replicated in every relevant document, further improving efficiency.”

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