Airbus and IBM e-solutions venture takes off

By working together to integrate and further develop airline e-solutions, Airbus and IBM are using big data to tailor maintenance, engineering and flight data management
 Airbus (C.) 2012 photo by elm company/ P Masclet

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Airbus, the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer of passenger airlines, and the global technology company, IBM are embarking on a new partnership to enhance the operational efficiencies of the world’s airlines.

By providing advanced IT services, or e-solutions, for maintenance, engineering and flight operations, it’s hoped airlines will be able to manage their aircraft more effectively and improve customer service through a better use of big data.

IBM Global Business Services, Global leader for Aerospace & Defense Industry, Timothy J. Wholey said:

“Today’s aircraft can generate up to a half terabyte of data per flight, an unprecedented volume and variety of data seen in few other industries. IBM is pleased to provide technology and services that will provide Airbus and its customers a smart way to extract real-time data, identify patterns and act on insights to help improve efficiency and enhance the passengers’ travel experience.”

Airbus Smarter Fleet Solutions (ASFS) will initially focus on two key activities. The first will integrate and further develop Airbus’ existing portfolio of software products, currently being used by 200 operators. Presently, the extensive range of standalone applications are accessed via a variety of both online and offline media.

The second activity will see ASFS provide tailored fleet management using an open, modular and flexible platform, allowing users to the visibility to plan ahead for smooth operations. It will also enable the easy integration of existing and new services and solutions – something which is increasingly being sought.  

Airbus Executive Vice-President for Customer Services, Didier Lux commented:

“This agreement with IBM is a major step in the implementation of Airbus’ aim to provide airlines with strong added-value innovative services for their long-term business development. Our customers will soon benefit from the most advanced information management solutions to address their engineering, operational and maintenance needs.”

As Airbus noted on its website:

“The Smarter Fleet Solutions being together Airbus’ aircraft manufacturer expertise with IBM’s expertise in managing big data, advanced analytics and asset optimisation needed in today’s commercial aircraft operations.”

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