Adding value to manufacturing waste

Re:Sourcing UK has launched a new nationwide service to assist manufacturers with their process waste and by-products
 Companies can link to a network of specialist recyclers

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More so than most businesses, manufacturers in particular face a dilemma when it comes to dealing with their waste. Some may be considered ‘unrecyclable’ or could be destined for an outlet which is lower down the hierarchy than the company would prefer.

Many are asking questions such as are there more appropriate or closer routes available? Are there any opportunities for innovation or research?  Unfortunately, the time it takes to answer such questions is typically longer than a company can afford.

Now Re:Sourcing UK has come up with a suitable solution, linking manufactures with a network of specialist recyclers, innovators and academics. Information is collated into an anonymous waste stream bulletin to protect the confidentiality of the source.

The specialists review the resource, and if any wastes pique their interest, Re:Sourcing UK puts the relevant manufacturer in touch with them.  

Re:Sourcing UK’s Business Manager, Andrew Gadd commented:

“This new model builds on nearly 10 years of helping companies improve their recycling, working with around 8,000 companies and keeping over one million tonnes out of landfill.

“This new service recognises the reality that industrial waste streams need to be matched with industrial specialists who can deal with industrial volumes.

“Companies like the fact that we bring opportunities to their attention, from straightforward recycling, right up to working with prestigious universities to unlock the hidden value of their waste.”

Companies from across the UK can post their waste information via the tailored web portal and will receive a courteous copy of the bulletin containing their information. Producers of industrial waste can post their waste onto the portal free of charge.

So far the Re:Sourcing UK team has worked with companies both large and small, finding outlets for waste ranging from lead-contaminated dusts and incinerator bottom ash, to wrapped cucumbers and contaminated plastics.

Currently the team is undertaking a research project seeking crticial elements such as rare earths in bulk waste streams.

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