Volvo drives ultra-modern Adaptive Digital Display

Volvo Cars aim to take the driver experience to the next level by replacing analogue or semi-analogue dials with a world-class, all-digital instrument cluster
 Volvo V40 will be the first to feature the digital disp..

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Volvo Cars has increased the amount of technology buyers now expect as started with the introduction of its cutting-edge, all-digital instrument cluster. Hailed as the most state-of-the-art Adaptive Digital Display on the market, the unique combination of two processors powering an eight-inch screen means the cluster adjusts to the driver’s needs, rather than the other way around.

The all-new Volvo V40 will be the first series to have its analogue dials replaced with the new cluster, with drivers being able to choose between three different information themes – Eco, Performance and Elegance.

Eco- mode is designed to give the driver all the necessary information needed to drive more economically

Performance-mode transforms the cluster to a more power focused interaction

Elegance-mode presents a classic and clean cluster

Team leader with Volvo Cars’ Research & Development department, Conny Olsson stated:

“The consumers of today have high-demands and are used to being surrounded by advanced screens full of information. When smartphones, tablets and computers serve as reliable extensions of ourselves, the development of this system felt like an important and inevitable step for us. Our goal is to be best-in-class and set a new industry standard for the driver information in cars.”

A popular feature in the new instrument cluster is the Park Assist Pilot, making parallel parking easy and precise by taking over and operating the steering wheel; with the driver able to guide the car perfectly in into the space through the display of a bird’s eye view.

The new ADD is powered by two processors designed by Freescale, one running the display and other handling communications between the cluster and the rest of the vehicle, as Olsson explained:

“There is nothing like this in any car today. When we chose Freescale’s latest IMX51 processor, it was still under development and neither tested nor licensed for cars, a process that puts very high demands on life cycle and durability. It’s been exciting, but taking business risks like these come with the territory when you decide to place yourself on the technological frontline.”

The innovative new instrument cluster is available in the Volvo V40, including the Cross Country and R-Design models unveiled at the Paris Motor Show earlier in the year. 

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