Nissan settles into the comfort zone

Nissan has developed a car seat with added spinal support in order to create a fatigue-free driving experience, even during long journeys
 The seat claims to reduce fatigue by up to 30%

By partnering with Yamazaki Laboratory at Tokyo’s Keio University, the Japanese automotive company used research and data from NASA to create a more comfortable car seat.

During weightlessness, astronauts naturally adopt a ‘neutral position’, whereas conventional seats in vehicles force the body to assume a position which exerts additional pressure on muscles and joints.

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Nissan's newly improved ergonomic seat, suitable for both front and rear passengers reduces this pressure by offering additional support for the chest, lumbar region and pelvis, as well as more evenly distributed cushioning to reduce muscle strain.

The neutral posture concept ensures the seat allows the body to conform to a more relaxed position, providing continuous support from pelvis up to the chest, promoting blood circulation and reducing fatigue by up to 30 percent on longer journeys.

Though still in the development stage at this time, Nissan hopes to refine the system through further testing and eventually equip all of its future car models with the  ‘comfortable seat for spinal support’.

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