Major revamp for Midwest Materials

The heartland of US manufacturing in the Midwest is changing face, and Midwest Materials is indicative of that change as it oversees an upheaval of its operations capacity this year
 Midwest materials has been in business 60 years

Midwest Materials has been a major player in the heartland of US manufacturing for more than five decades now, and is planning a major expansion of its extensive operations.  The technology and equipment that the firm uses is set to get a revamp as CEO Brian Robbins brings the company into the new age.  

MidWest Materials announced the completion of a multi-million dollar technology, equipment and facility investment project that will enable the company to remain competitive worldwide and to retain and create more jobs in Northeast Ohio. The announcement was part of MidWest Materials’ 60th Anniversary Celebration, which honored the company founders and set a strategic focus for the steel service center as it enters a new era in the industry.

midwest1.jpg“I am proud to be representing my family who established MidWest Materials as a leader in the steel service center industry. My grandfather, his brothers and my mother were pioneers, laying a blueprint for what has become the successful, non-mill owned, steel distribution industry of today. As we mark our 60th Anniversary with the completion of this multi-million dollar project, we are maintaining this family tradition of leadership with the installation of the most innovative and largest Leveltek Stretch Leveling System in North America. This sets a new standard for the industry,” said Brian Robbins, CEO, MidWest Materials.

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The addition to MidWest Materials’ 240,000 square-foot facility includes the new 1,400-ton Leveltek Stretch Leveling System which provides the industry with flat, memory-free cut sheet steel up to 5/8” thick and 100” wide, from mild to ultra-high strength. The system meets the growing demand by manufacturers for the highest quality leveled sheet steel required by their newer, more sophisticated manufacturing and processing techniques. In addition, MidWest invested in new Peterbilt trucks for the company fleet, replaced facility lighting with new, energy efficient fixtures, made property improvements and upgraded facility equipment and technology.
“We know that in order to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, we must continue to listen to our customers’ needs and quickly find efficient solutions. That has long been the hallmark of our company’s success. In keeping with our company's history, we are leading the way to help MidWest Materials and others, including our vendors and customers, make the changes necessary to maintain business, control internal costs and keep jobs in this country," said Robbins.

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