Largest job yet doesn't prove to be Mercia's Waterloo

Mercia Architectural Ltd surmount the best year in its history by tapping into the Olympic spirit and setting its sights on a £2 million turnover
 300m long balcony is a for the focal point concourse

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The UK-based manufacturer beat off international competition to secure a major contract to complete all the architectural metalwork for the construction of the new concourse at Waterloo train station, a defining moment in a resolutely positive year.

The £1.1 million project involved Mercia collaborating with BAM Construction to design and manufacture all the aluminium cladding, main staircases and stainless steelwork for the shops.

Supported by the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), Mercia also played a pivotal role in the installation of the glass balustrade, which also entailed providing specialist technical support in ensuring the 300 metre-long balcony was fit for purpose.  

Managing Director of Mercia Architectural, Warren Holland commented on how such a prestigious project will lead to future success:

“The Waterloo contract has really catapulted us into a different league and it’s now our determination to make the most of it by winning similar projects. We secured the order against rivals ten times our size, predominately because of our ability to offer the architects and construction company a complete package, from help with adapting the designs and the manufacture, right through to installation and maintenance.”

Holland continued:

“Originally, we had 45 weeks to start and finish the job. By the time we could actually get on site, it turned out that everything had to be completed in 22 weeks; a massive challenge, but one we successfully met.

“There was no margin for error and the finish had to be world class with hundreds of thousands of people using Waterloo as their transport interchange for London 2012.”

“This year marks our tenth in business and it’s fitting that it will be our best yet. MAS has been an invaluable source of external advice during the contract and will be crucial to helping us secure the support we need to grown and take on new people.”   

Supply Chain Specialist at MAS, Rachel Eade added:

“This is a great example of how the Olympic legacy has had a lasting positive effect on West Midlands manufacturing. Mercia hasn’t sat back and basked in the glory of the Waterloo contract. Instead, the firm has seized the moment and actively used its involvement in London 2012 to attract new opportunities – it’s currently working through the biggest pipeline of tenders it has ever had.”

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