IDC's Top Ten manufacturing predictions for 2013

Yesterday saw research and consulting firm IDC Manufacturing Insights host a webinar detailing its Top Ten predictions for the New Year
 Toyota has already implemented advanced technology

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Assisting world-leading manufacturing businesses, their suppliers and IT leaders in making more effective technology decisions, IDC Manufacturing Insights has the industry experience and knowledge to accurately predict long-term trends, both old and new.

Featuring comments from industry analysts Robert Parker, Joe Barkai, Sheila Brennan, Simon Ellis, Kimberly Knickle and Pierfrancesco Manenti, the annual 60 minute webinar is designed to help managers and directors effectively capitalise on emerging market opportunities and better plan for future growth.  

Coverage includes supply chain, demand management, product lifecycle management, operations technology and sustainability.

IDC’s Top Ten Predictions for 2013 are:

Business Productivity –the next wave begins

  • 4 pillars support the house of productivity
  • Resiliency becomes a priority for manufacturers looking to master “massive multidimensionality”
  • Manufacturing IT organisations will have to support a more productive operational ecosystem
  • Companies recalibrate the product lifecycle process
  • IT delivers a “digital thread” for the product management process
  • Service excellence becomes a strategic priority
  • Technology advancements accelerate service excellence initiatives
  • People will be at the centre of the “factory of the future”
  • Advanced technologies will emerge in support of operational excellence strategies

Vice-President of IDC Manufacturing Insights, Robert Parker commented:

“Manufacturing companies are sitting on a record stockpile of cash and, provided near-term uncertainties are resolved, are looking at robust global markets beyond 2013. Also, we are seeing a generational change at the executive levels across all segments.

“This new generation of manufacturing leadership will eschew stock buybacks and dividend increases in favour of longer term growth initiatives, many of which will have advanced technology at the core.”

IDC’s Head of International Operations, Christopher Holmes agreed with Parker, adding that industry’s cultural shift towards setting up in different regions of the globe with low cost centres would be pivotal to many strategies:

“From a technology perspective, the shift to supporting multiple plants/operations in different parts of the world is going to require the organisation to think about how they make decisions, and what information they need to make those decisions.

“Getting the information from different parts of the world in a format that will allow for fast, effective decision-making will be key for 2013.”

If you missed the webinar first time round, an audio replay will become available over the weekend and can found here.

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