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How to Lean your supply chain

A philosophy that requires a symphony of operational factors and an understanding of the relationship between costs also needs a bottom-to-top approach

Blending Lean with accumulation of work-in-progress

Contrary to existing Lean models, one company believes that accumulating work-in-progress can bring about benefit

Seeing through the smog to the cloud above

IT expert Shawn Mills explains three cloud services manufacturers can use to raise efficiencies, and gives six questions to ask about security and availability

Harnessing the power of the people

One of the most powerful tools a company has is its workers so making sure the lines of communication are properly open can result in innovations that can make a real difference to performance

Cashing in redundant assets

In this second of a two-part feature, Richard Vann continues to urge manufacturers to take a planned approach to end-of-life asset management

The growing importance of risk management

With irrefutable evidence showing that business exposures to natural catastrophes are on the rise, what can manufacturers do to better mitigate the resulting fallout

Five steps towards continuous improvement

Whether an initial foray towards implementing lean throughout your organisation or simply a cheaper and less daunting efficiency solution, 5S is the ideal starting point

The real secret behind lean

Used primarily to increase efficiency and effectiveness as well as quality of production, before we can even think about the success of lean initiatives, we need to get them off the ground and this can be a major stumbling block

Challenge of user and access management in the cloud

As cloud continues to expand within manufacturing, working with cloud applications has consequences that need to be addressed in terms of user and access management

Maximising data value in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is falling behind other industries in data management and analysis strategies. Difficult, unpredictable market conditions call for new methods, and a shift towards predictive forecasting using new data sources


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